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Hilton High School Yelahanka Values

WHY Choose Hilton?

At Hilton, we don't believe in one-dimensional learning. We believe in empowering the child's mind, body, and spirit to ensure life-long success. We as a school are very unique in our own way with many benefits both for the parent and the child. 

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Pre Assessment

  • At Hilton, we do a complete detailed Psychometric assessment that is created and used to measure behaviour, thoughts, skills, potential, traits, and many more characteristics of the child.

  • This is very useful for all age groups, it is particularly beneficial for parents and teachers to understand a child's innate strengths as well as areas that need moulding. Armed with the child's data, we now personalize the learning plans.

No School Bag

  • The Children need not carry their school bags with them. Students carry only workbooks in their hand folders from school every day.

  • With our precise learning plans at Hilton Innovative School, children finish their day to day work right at the school itself. 

  • We integrate technology into our learning process with the help of digital classrooms and resources that are readily available at a single click to the student on their student app. 


Student Connect program

  • Students of our schools get a platform to share their knowledge, ideas, skills, and accomplishments.

  • By participating in our Student Connect program, children also get an opportunity to meet new students from around the country and start building a professional network from a young age.

  • The skills that they develop with this will take them places and help them become more future-ready.

Studio based classrooms

  • With studios concept, there is a different ambience to each class. And each classroom becomes a learning aid. 

  • Students no more sit in the same class the whole day the entire year. 

  • Children complete Maths class in their math studio and then simply move to a different studio for attending the class of the next subject.

  • To make the day interesting and not so boring, few minutes break between each class keeps them fresh and attentive the whole day. 

Talent Search Exam

  • Talent Search Exam are organised to identify students  with high-calibre and reward their efforts through certificates and scholarships. .

  • Our national-level competitions start with Math, Science, and English.

  • The Talent Search Exam is introduced to encourage each children to work harder and strive for better academic results while securing scholarships.

English replaced with ELGA

  • English is not the primary language for us. Thus, it is important for us to recognise this and look at language learning from a unique perspective.

  • We treat language as a skill, which helps our students read and understand the elements of a story or text instead of being caught in the language technicalities.

  • Our programme focuses on the five major components of English language skills: phonics, whole words, reading and listening comprehension, grammar, and writing and speaking expression.

  • ELGA also creates a format to integrate values and general awareness in children while building English competence.

International standard education

  • We feel it is important to allow students to learn based on their capabilities. By providing international standard education, we offer a transformational approach to standard learning curriculum.

  • We promote a culture of innovative approaches towards learning. This includes specialised subject-based studio classrooms, visualised approach to theory, and tech-laden digital classrooms.

  • We also provide ample exposure for your child with various championships and talent search exams.

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