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"We believe children are naturally creative problem solvers and communicators. We instill curiosity and encourage them to ask questions, giving importance to nurturing creativity, innovation and collaboration. Today, children need critical thinking skills, as well as the confidence to question and reflect. We strive to develop these qualities by creating authentic learning environments and experiences that are both relevant and engaging."


Hilton School's ELGA program, students get a chance to master 21 levels of skill in English with the focus being on not just speaking skills but also phonics, grammar and reading, and listening comprehension. English: a skill, not a subject.

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Hilton focuses on "Learning by doing" method. It is said, learning can be best improved when students are actively involved in their subjects. incorporates this approach to teach our students Environmental Studies (EVS) with group activities and practical experiments.


Bold as it may sound, the sight of algebraic equations makes most of us uncomfortable even today. But, have you ever wondered, is Maths really difficult? Or, is it just a fear instilled since our childhood? This is why We seek to make the play of numbers exciting for our students. With the progressive 'Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract' method, children from an early age use concrete blocks and objects.

Social Science

In social science, children have to visualise historical events to increase understanding. Sometimes, it can be difficult for students to imagine these events and connect with them. This disconnect can cause disengagement within students. At Hilton School, we overcome this impediment by using the 'Visualise -- Locate -- Connect' (VLC) approach.


Our world today is evolving at the speed of light. Due to this evolution, we have to ensure students are ready for a technologically enabled future. Hilton School is playing its part by incorporating coding as a subject with the Coding & Computational Skills (CCS) program. Through this offering, we aim to teach children the languages of machines from an early age. This program teaches various computer languages along with helping students build websites, games, apps, and much more.

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Hilton School also focuses on co-curricular in the form of visual and performing arts. Physical education and Yoga are also included as part of extracurricular. Students also participate in student-led conferences and Leadership Cafes to develop other critical life skills.

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Pre-Primary Curriculum

Hilton Preschool curriculum is designed based on the framework inspired by Germany’s Waldorf Education system and Playway method. While Waldorf is one of the first and best early childhood programs in the world. The play-way method is based on the concept that play is the child’s most natural way to learn. This integrated curriculum inspires a joy for learning through art, music, logic games, and hands-on investigations. It is an integrated and holistic curriculum system. It is a research-based early learning program. It is uniquely designed to support the child's social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development, through activities that cover 16 key areas of skill development. It focuses on skill-based learning outcomes.

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