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"Parent Involvement is key to student success; it needs to be enhanced so that a true partnership is formed for the betterment of the Child" 

Open Letter

Dear Parents,

Do spend a few moments to discover how we can help your child open the doors to Higher Order Thinking, Confident Communication, and Life-Long Learning. Your Support is important. Give us a call to help understand what we do and give you ideas on how we can contribute to making your child's educational journey a pleasant one.
Hilton High 

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Friends of Hilton

Community is an integral part of Hilton High School Yelahanka. This is why Friends of Hilton (FOH) has been set up as a group of volunteer parents whose aim is to develop a connection between parents and school and to support each other. Their role is to organize social events such as coffee mornings, bake sales, the summer BBQ fun day and support any events put on by the school. As a new school within the North Bangalore region, we are proud of our welcoming community and we support the developments of the FOH as a support network as the school continues to grow. 

Hilton parent Sanchith

Chetan, Grade 3 Parent

After a year at Hilton High, I saw a great difference in both my kids. They both enjoy the Theater Classes very much. They follow a very different approach which is very interesting and make children very curious learners.

Hilton Parent Franky

Franky, Grade 2 Parent

My daughter loves her teachers a lot. They share a special bond with each other. The activities which they make our children do are very interactive. She loves coming to Hilton High because of the way all children are treated here. I'm so happy about the school.

Hilton Parent Charles

Charles, Grade 1 Parent

Every day my child enjoys coming to school. As a parent, I'm very happy with the school, the staff are very friendly, polite, and well connected to the child. The school has a very unique and innovative approach to teaching. 

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