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Students are encouraged to share their wider interests in different fields. Hilton High School thus offers an interesting range of clubs that organize extra-curricular activities.

Clubs & Activities

Story Telling, Theater, Public Speaking are an integral part of the Child curriculum at Hilton High School Yelahanka. We also emphasize helping our students develop essential life skills so that they are better prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experience throughout their life with the help of the Life Skills and Personal Development Program. Students also participate in Student-led conferences and Leadership Cafes to further work on their personality and be the change makers. 


After School

Hilton's After School Program is designed to specifically adapt to each child. Different children have different needs. As we already know that we all learn differently and also have varied interests in things around us. Based on the individual data on their intelligence, skills, and personality, we then create a customized curriculum to follow their interest and excel in what they are good at and create powerful visions for their future.



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