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Simple and Easy Activities to Make Kids Productive during Covid-19 Pandemic

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has forced every one of us to stay at home without involving in social activities. The pandemic has prevented children from performing their favorite activities. These include playing with their friends in the neighborhood and schools, participating in summer camps, enjoying outings and picnics, visiting their cousins and grandparents.

On the other hand, children dislike staying indoors for a long time. Instead, they are fond of interacting with their playmates and are free-spirited. In this situation, a large number of teachers teaching in schools of Yelahanka are discussing with parents to come up with unique ways to engage kids with many productive activities.

Involve in Yoga Practice

Maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing is very much essential during today’s crucial period. Hence, faculties of the best schools in Yelahanka recommend parents to motivate their kids to practice Yoga.

The ancient discipline boosts your overall health and retains high energy levels to reduce anxiety and stress. You may use it as an opportunity to teach your kids the significance of good health and following a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, you may learn Yoga via online sessions comfortably by staying in your home. Learning New Languages

Research studies conducted on various students studying in international schools in Yelahanka have proved that individuals speaking multiple languages are superior to others. Accordingly, such students have better problem-solving skills, enhanced memory, outstanding focus and concentration, excellent listening skills, and many more.

Knowledge of additional language/languages is beneficial for every kid. It has a vital role to open up many new horizons. The online world has today provided many options to learn new languages easily. Besides, game developers have come up with many gaming apps for kids, which teach them new languages with lots of fun.

Inspire Kids to Learn Cooking

The lockdown period is an excellent time to let your little one learn various dishes at home. According to the experts of CBSE schools in Yelahanka, cooking is one of the essential skills in the life of a person. Every kid must know a few basics related to cooking. For this, you may start with a few easy recipes, like juice, sandwiches, salads, and similar others. Once the kids gain expertise in handling equipment, you may move ahead to few other dishes, like cookies, cakes, pasta, chapattis, and curry. Children always show curiosity to learn new things. They often feel the joy to have food prepared on their own. If the kids develop a passion for cooking, you may refer to offline and online sources as well to explore popular recipes to include in the cooking experiment.


Lockdown because of Covid-19 does not need to be a boring one. Instead, you may organize many activities to inspire your kids and prevent them to experience boredom. With the right steps, you not only let your children engage in productive activities but also allow them to grow in the future. Only, you and your kids have to indulge in a group of activities, which give relaxation to your mind and body.


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