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Should Co-Curricular activities have the same importance as academic ones?

Tilak is a wonderful artist who wants to sketch every little creation in the world in his doodle. Sanvi loves to dance with her worries and channel her energies into creative moves. Divya finds happiness in pages that have the yellow cast of stories and whose ink smells of nostalgia. And then there are thousands of other souls who are driven by a passion to achieve their dream. But the question which accompanies them are, searching for an answer, continues:

Sports, reading, writing, dance, music, poetry, baking, and many other extracurricular activities have become increasingly important over time and have attempted to gain a significant place in the curriculum to be taken together with academics. But there is still scope to balance the two areas to ensure holistic learning for each individual. On the one hand, academics form a basis for rationality and logical learning, extracurricular help in the development of skills and attitudes. It is a combination of these qualities that forms the overall personality of each person and evolves with situations and time. The only decisive factor is which of the two has a higher priority.

If extracurricular and academic had to be balanced, they would be perfectly balanced, and that's how it should be. Some people believe that the emphasis on extracurricular activities deprives students of an opportunity to receive an education. They don't realize that education isn't just about reading stories from history or being mathematical geniuses, it's also about learning teamwork, leadership, design thinking, critical appraisal, life lessons, and creative problem-solving, which can only be achieved through extracurricular activities. . These activities not only offer students a break from academic routine, but also provide students with a platform to learn skills through application. They provide a pragmatic approach to classroom theoretical learning that would otherwise be useless if students have no idea where to apply all their knowledge.

These activities are not only designed to complement your studies, but also to provide alternative career opportunities for students to pursue their passions and hobbies and build a successful career out of them. Starting at a young age provides ample time to improve skills and hone them to perfection. Giving students the freedom to find their best combination of academic and extracurricular activities would be the best way to optimize and make the most of their utilities.

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