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Things you can do on exam day to improve your score

Is your exam approaching? This will be a stressful time in your life because you know your score depends on a good exam day. You spent hours studying and revising before every night. Is there any other thing you can do to ensure good performance?

Well, most of the students are guilty when it comes to their morning routine before exams. So here are some things you can do to calm your nerves, remember final facts & stay focused during the exam.

1. A Last-Minute Study Session

If you have an exam later in the day, you can opt for a final study session in the morning. Going through last-minute strategies and facts can help many students. This way you can quickly review this information and keep it fresh in your mind. Suppose you have a math test. On this day you can learn math online with a tutor. This way you can feel confident before the test and make sure you've gone through anything that's difficult for you before the big moment.

If you decide to study before your exam, don't worry if you can't remember everything. You'll be amazed at what you can remember as you sit at your desk with the piece of paper in front of you. Try to stay calm always & do your best in your exam.

2. Look Over Notes

One thing that can be very helpful on the morning of the test is reviewing your notes. This can help kick-start your memory and help you remember specific topics. You can feel fresh and make a difference when similar questions come up on the exam. In fact, it's a good idea to take notes when reviewing that you know you'll be reviewing right before the exam. That way you can make sure it has everything you need.

3. Have Breakfast

It's normal to feel nervous on exam day. It's a big day and no matter how much you've learned, you can feel nervous about the questions and what's about to happen. But one thing you don't want to do is skip breakfast. Yes, you may not like that. But it is an important meal of the day and an important one before an exam.

Your breakfast gives you energy. In fact, it can even help you not to be hungry later in the exam. Things like your focus and memory can be affected if you haven't eaten enough. So make time for a good breakfast before you go.

4. Try to Wake Up Early

No one wants to rush to an exam & worry about being late. This will not help you calm down and keep your nerves to a minimum. So make sure you get up early in the morning of your exam. This gives you time to wake up, do a last minute review & get ready for the day.

Make sure you go to bed early. Otherwise, getting up early can be a hassle & make you tired before the exam.

5. Avoid Caffeine

Many students want to have an energy drink or coffee before the exam. They have the illusion that this can increase their focus and help them concentrate. However, this is not recommended. You have to consider the downsides that caffeine brings.

We're talking about feeling nerves on edge. This can happen if you drink too much caffeine or if you are not used to drinking all of it. It can also make you feel like you need to go to the bathroom all the time. That's something you don't want when you're in the middle of your exam.



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