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A Simple Guide to CBSE Skill Education

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The world around us is evolving quickly, it is important to develop a connection between education and the real world. Have you ever thought about how self-sustaining your child is? Do you think your child is well educated with the essential skills of life to cope with the world? Think about it!

Your child's growth and development can be made possible with all aspects of their personality in mind. As a result, life skill education plays an important role in everyone's life. It gives strength to face any kind of situation and gives courage to achieve any goal. Therefore, the Department of Skill Education of CBSE has brought skill subjects even to children from classes 6th to 8th.

Understanding of Life Skill Education

There are a lot of definitions that help us understand what life skills are.

An individual needs some social and personal skills in order to interact with others and make decisions. They must also be able to find different solutions to various problems. Examples of life skills consist of critical thinking power, problem-solving skills, interpersonal & relationship skills, empathy, and communication skills, etc.

Why is Skill-Based Education so Important?

Do you know that in the 21st century, not only education, but also skills are the most important. It is important to teach skill-based education from an early age to children as it brings positive effects in their lives. As a part of school education skill development is indeed important in building a strong foundation for a successful future for every child. Hilton High school is among the top best schools in Bangalore.

Benefits of Skill Development

1. The introduction of skills training will help weak students to be academically strong.

2. Skill-based education will help to enhance skills like networking & communication.

3. These programs will help to recognize and evolve the talents of the children.

4. Furthermore, the introduction of skill development programs and skill education for students will help them to develop the skills of employability.

5. The introduction of skills development and skill-based education to students will help them understand the different career options.

Skill Education That Helps students to achieve Success

A skill-based education system can help students to build professional and personal skills for a better future. like,

1. Observational Skills

Observations help you to learn things out of reality. You can learn scientific concepts through demonstrations from the teacher.

2. Critical Thinking Skills

You will understand the essentials of critical thinking skills to make decisions throughout your educational life. At every stage of life, we need to make decisions. Be it selecting your favorite candy flavor or your major in school as a student.

3. Research Skills

The goal of research skills development should not be limited to getting good marks in your academic projects. Research helps you to stay curious & exposed to knowledge from time to time, help you find solutions to your questions, and also helps you stay updated.

4. Collaboration Skills

By working collaboratively, you learn to demonstrate patience, tolerance and empathetic to others' thoughts and ideas. Students can work with each other on complex tasks. Example: Projects requiring teamwork such as developing a rainwater harvesting model.

5. Time Management Skills

You will always have a lot to do, both in school and in life. In certain cases, you will have to choose your priorities. but a majority of the time you should have time management skills.


These days, basic education will not be sufficient to ensure student success. They also require additional skills to find a good job or run a successful business. Parents need to take look into best CBSE schools in India

Students also need to keep in mind that after COVID-19, the skills sector will see an increase in demand for job opportunities related to health, technology & more.



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