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Difference Between Primary and Secondary Education


Before analyzing the difference between primary education & secondary education, let us understand their basic principles.

Access to primary education is a fundamental right for all children. Strengthen your child's foundational literacy and numeracy Essential Skills.

To put it simply, primary education can be defined as the first stage of formal education, following kindergarten. It focuses on learning and educational activities that are adapted to enhance skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics in the early stages of education.

Primary education may begin at the age of 5-7 and may end at the age between 11–13 years. Although there are many differences across countries in terms of age and number of years, the curriculum contains similar content. It focuses on basic skills and builds a foundation for learning.

Secondary education can be defined as the second phase of traditional education which comes after primary education. The age group at the beginning of secondary education is 11-13 and ends around the age of 15-18. These age limits may vary among countries.

In most countries, secondary education is mandatory. It motivates and aims at areas such as life skills, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Scientific and Industrial Technology.

Primary Education in India

  • Primary education in India is experiencing noticeable changes and managing barriers.

  • It lasts 8 years. Children between 6 and 14 years finish the following stages: primary, 1st to 5th primary, 6th to 8th.

  • A few states like Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, etc,. follow the 1 to 5th class of primary education. A few of the states/union territories like Assam, Goa, Gujarat, Daman, and Diu, etc follow the 1st to 4th classes of primary education.

Secondary Education in India

  • Secondary education is an essential component of the Indian education system.

  • Secondary education is important because it encourages your child's rational development and gives them practical skills. It also strives to enhance your child’s practical efficiency. It is very important to note that the objectives of primary, secondary, and higher education differ from one another. There are list of best schools in Bangalore which provide secondary education.

  • If anyone is questioning what secondary education is in India? In simple terms, this is the stage in your child's life when they decide on which professional career they want to pursue and what career path will make it a reality.

  • This is the stage where they gain a better understanding of streams like arts, commerce and science and differences in specific professions.

Difference between Primary Education & Secondary Education

  1. Primary Education

  • It can be defined as the first stage of formal education, coming after pre-schools and before secondary school.

  • Commences around 5-7 years

  • Focus on the basics of mathematics, reading and writing

  • Syllabus are simple and small

2. Secondary Education

  • It can be referred to as the second stage of traditional education that comes after primary education.

  • Commences around 11-13 years

  • Focus On subjects like economics, biological sciences, and earth sciences.

  • Syllabus are vast and wide

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