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Effective Ways to Motivate Stubborn Child to Study

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


School kids often stay reluctant to study anything. They are even unaware of the significance of to study. However, teachers and parents become angry, as the study is essential to get a good job later and to become successful in real life.

However, students do not understand the fact and they show more fascination in playing games. If any kid plays video games to achieve a specific level, he or she is self-motivated. On the other side, students' internal force to study is missing. Here, comes the role of teachers from CBSE schools in Yelahanka to motivate stubborn children to make them study properly.

Ask What a Child Learned in the Class, not the Score

Teachers of good schools at Yelahanka always recommend avoiding checking the score obtained in their class tests, or unit tests. Instead, one should ask children what they have learned in the class. Here, if you find anything wrong, you have to rectify it and let them retain better.

Work with Your Kids to Inspire for Studies

An effective way to motivate stubborn children to study is to work with them wherever it is possible. For instance, you may sit with your kids at the dining table and allow them to study. Meanwhile, you may continue with any of your urgent office work or household chores. However, you have to make sure to avoid or at least reduce the use of your mobile or laptop.

The Study is much more than Merely Homework

According to the teachers of the best schools in Yelahanka, studying is not limited to only doing homework. Instead, it involves repeating the lessons already learned actively. Besides, it also includes reading anything loud and aloud, learning hard words, understanding the contexts, and writing the answers.

Allow Your Kids to Study in Peace

You have to check whether your kid likes to study in his/her separate room or feels happy across the hall. Once you succeed to identify it, you have to involve your other family members to arrange a peaceful study room for your child. Moreover, experts of ICSE schools in Yelahanka recommend you prevent any type of interruption during the study hours. Consistent interruptions may diverse the focus and interest of your child.

Try to Include Various Study Lessons in Daily Life

You have to point out the way, in which kids recognize various underlying mechanisms, as they have already learned during their curriculum studies.

Motivate Your Children in the Best Way with Appreciation

Finally, as faculties of top schools in Yelahanka, we consider appreciation as the most effective way to motivate children. Hence, you must acknowledge your kids if they did well in class tests or other similar examinations. Alternatively, you may give good remarks to your children on their projects.


The motivation among kids to study comes from their inside. If you watch closely, kids work hard in their favourite games, as they feel good and show interest in them. Therefore, teachers of Hilton High School help kids to develop their interests to study based on rewards and encouragement.


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