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Essential Aspects to Make an Interactive Digital Classroom

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The way of teaching students has changed completely after the Covid-19 pandemic. Before this, no one has ever thought to go digital completely for delivering lessons. However, transferring everything digital is a big challenge for both teachers and students. Hence, a huge list of schools in Yelahanka has started finding essential aspects to make an interactive digital classroom, as we have discussed in our blog post.

Your online classroom software must have compatibility with each of the devices and operating systems. As many parents or guardians of your students use old laptops or phones, classroom software used by schools at Yelahanka should never force them to buy a new model.

Video Quality is Essential

If your digital classroom fails to create an immersive experience, the use of a digital classroom does not give any worth to you. Grabbing the attention of students in a video class is a challenging task. Moreover, if you play poor-quality videos, you face more difficulty to get the students' attention. Hence, clear and good quality video streaming provides an effective and interactive digital classroom.

Support to Live Streaming

Digital classrooms of the best school in Yelahanka give support to live streaming and recording sessions. Accordingly, you may go live for teaching lessons or discussions. Simultaneously, your digital videos must record and upload lessons for the convenience of students.

Integrated Whiteboard

No one can imagine a classroom without any board. However, the question is how teachers can arrange board in a digital class. Here comes the role of an integrated whiteboard organized by any good high school in Yelahanka Bangalore. The board explains almost every topic in the easiest way. We know that teaching students from a board is an old tradition. Hence, a virtual whiteboard is one of the unavoidable features related to a digital classroom in our country.

The Facility of Offline Reading

Study materials handed out to students must be available for download easily. In other words, an interactive digital classroom must provide an offline reading facility. In this way, the occasional internet problem will not be a hindrance in studies.

Consolidated Video Screen

Each of the best schools in Yelahanka provides a consolidated video screen for studies. A prime benefit of the grid view solution is that it allows teachers and students to view each other in real-time. In this way, the consolidated video screen feature encourages students’ participation and makes the class highly interactive.

Easy to Use User Interface

Software used by your school to organize online classes must have easy to use user interface. The reason is that you already started creating your assignments, study materials, assessments, and lesson preparations. In this situation, you do not have to spend many hours comprehending the functions performed by your school software.


Therefore, e-learning and virtual classrooms have connected teachers and students with studies and regular coursework in today’s critical situation. Only, schools have to analyze their requirements to come up with the best and interactive software solutions to conduct classes on a digital platform.


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