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How to Keep Preschool Students Motivated in Online Class

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many schools to organize online classes for students, including pre-school kids. However, motivating toddlers to learn their regular lessons and attend online classes is a challenging task. Luckily, a good preschool in Yelahanka adopts diverse strategies to let kids learn new things in a fun and exciting way even in an online class.

Setup a proper structure and routine

When kids stick to a schedule, they get the required stability to plug away and it reduces their instincts to become rogue. Considering this, faculties of a preschool near Yelahanka always set the expectations and take steps to meet them. A few teachers use innovative digital tools, like site blockers, connotation lists, settings of screen limits to let kids stay on their tasks.

Maintain Accountability with Friends

In some cases, kids develop enough motivation from their best friends than from their faculties or parents. Hence, if you find the list of preschools in Yelahanka, you will find many faculties scheduling regular check-ins with a kid’s friend on social media or via texts. Accountability help kids to know that they are with their friends. Indeed, check-ins will give kids tangible reasons to perform their daily activities without any hassle.

Give Incentives and Rewards

Incentives and rewards have vital roles to motivate kids. You cannot give any gift or toy as a reward to kids in an online class. However, you may try innovative ways to reward kids for their achievements. For instance, instructors of the best preschool in Yelahanka organize a board game for kids, who complete their daily Mathematics homework or finish their drawing assignments.

Organize Virtual Occasions or Parties

Other than regular incentives and reward programs, faculties should often organize virtual class parties and other related occasions. These include a trivia night, Zoom dance, and a watch-together movie.

Allow Kids to Track their Progress

A few kids respond well to cues, which they can see easily. While checking the list of the best preschools in Yelahanka, faculties mark time in calendars and related visual aids. In this way, students may watch their achievements and accomplishments. Simultaneously, calendars inform kids how much they have to go further.

Conduct Related Activities

A prime benefit of remote learning is that it gives you the flexibility to dig deep on different topics, which kids love. Here, teachers of a preschool in Yelahanka build and extend what they should learn by setting up a natural connection. For instance, if you want to teach kids about the universe and the solar system, you may use a suitable astronomy app for mapping the galaxy and the night sky.

Always Prepare for Experimentation

If children struggle while reading a book, let them read aloud or use an audiobook. Alternatively, you may do mathematics problems with sidewalk chalk or on a whiteboard. The main motive here is to change the scenery or to experiment with wonders with the motivation of kids.


Overall, faculty members of every preschool in Yelahanka have to apply trial and error methods to let the kids respond to their best. The goal here is to support toddlers in accomplishing their tasks, making progress, and meeting their goals and aspirations.


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