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Fun Games to Teach Mathematics to Toddlers


Every child from 2 years of age develops enough to understand the one-to-one relationship between objects and numerals. For instance, a kid knows well that two is greater than one. Hence, good preschools in Yelahanka focus on teaching mathematics concepts by including a few interesting games for toddlers.

Counting Numbers

Counting numbers is an excellent way to introduce mathematics for toddlers. Counting from one to ten toes and fingers gives lots of fun. In particular, kids feel more excited when they count numbers by rhymes. Teachers of the best pre-schools in Yelahanka teach mathematics by singing rhymes while counting numbers.

Sort Objects for Toddlers

If you check the list of preschools in Yelahanka, you will know that many teachers focus on training to sort diverse objects for toddlers. Accordingly, kids may learn to sort things based on their categories. For instance, many children learned to separate their soft toys from toy cars. Later, count the numbers in a particular group.

Set a few Table Items

Faculties of reputed pre-schools in Yelahanka teach children that mathematics has many real-life applications. For instance, teachers set a single plate to show only one person, two cups to represent two people. The activity will allow your toddler to acquire efficient mathematics skills.

Name Shapes

Many teachers of the best pre-schools in Yelahanka let kids learn shapes. Name shapes as fundamental to the understanding of mathematics for your children. Faculties may engage kids to find the number of circles and squares across the classroom, like pointing out the circular clock or square block. Moreover, kids may develop interest by fitting triangles to create squares.

Teach Spatial Relations

If you check the list of the best pre-schools in Yelahanka, you will find that faculties let kids play games to teach spatial relationships. Especially, faculties let students learn the concepts of over and under or far and near. For instance, go below the table or climb on the chair. Alternatively, a few other teachers let toddlers practice quantity and volume by filling cups with sand or water. Later, they transfer the contents to other containers.

Compare Sizes

Comparison of sizes is also a fun mathematics game for toddlers. You may ask children to accumulate their stuffed animals and arrange them from the largest to the smallest one. You may divide the children into two groups and ask one group to curl them to appear tiny while another group to stretch as much as they can.

Teach Color or Shape Patterns

Patterns are mathematics concepts for toddlers. Hence, faculties allow nursery and playschool kids to arrange blocks in alternating shape or color patterns.

Use Various Words related to Mathematics Concepts

Phrases denoting quantity, like a few or a lot may indicate meanings when you use them in daily conversations. You must make sure to include such phrases while doing small activities in school and in playing games.


Teaching mathematics to toddlers is easy. Only, faculties have to encourage kids to develop their skills with a few entertaining and easy games.


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