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What can be expected in the best CBSE schools

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

As a parent, when it comes to finding a school for your kid, it is quite natural that you wish to choose the best school. Bangalore is a wonderful place, filled with plenty of educational opportunities with an ample range of schools, colleges & universities. Bangalore has several prominent schools and educational boards which facilitate the selection of school for a parent much easier.

At present, many parents believe that CBSE schools are best suited for their children. There are a number of leading CBSE schools in Bangalore which provide quality education with cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities. Hilton Highschool is one of them.

Key Features of the Bangalore best schools

Selecting one of the finest CBSE schools in Bangalore can be difficult. Below is a prepared list of essential features that you must verify before selecting a school for your child.

  1. Emphasis on academic and extracurricular activities.

The aspiration of every child in life is not the same. Today's students need to be exposed to every occasion from academics to football/dance. The best CBSE schools of Bangalore give priority to educational, extracurricular activities and social activities.

There should be a time frame for various extracurricular activities such as distinctive sports, performing arts, martial arts and many more. In addition, a perfect school will have healthy debates, discussions, and other activities which stimulate oratory skills.

2. Focus on workshops and practical competences.

There is a tendency to retain knowledge when we put it into practice. The best CBSE schools in Bangalore will guide their students through workshops, demos and lab work.

For example, when learning the thermal energy of fuels in chemistry class, the Hilton Highschool does a follow-up with a laboratory activity that makes it explicit.

In addition, the best schools will organize workshops focused on psychology to deal with the mental health of their students. Today's schools are taking this extra step to ensure a healthy mind without stress.

3. An Integrated practice of Learning

Bangalore's best CBSE schools will always aim at providing a holistic way to learn. At Hilton High School, we follow a process of creating an approach that recognizes the emotional, academic and social needs of students.

Within this approach, students are encouraged to concentrate on critical thinking, organisational skills and problem-solving capabilities.

4. Stringent Security Measures

No one wants to put their child in a school where there are no strict and safety measures. Therefore, as parents, you need to make sure and study in depth the different safety measures used in the school area. Because your child will spend the maximum number of hours in this area, the best CBSE schools in Bangalore are very specific when it comes to safety methods.

Guide your child through the entrance to accompany her safely with her/his guide at the end of the day. Some of the additional safety measures that you need to check are:

  • Competent (Security Guards)

  • GPS Enabled School Areas (especially the buses)

  • Enuring (no-lock classrooms)

  • 360-Degree Surveillance of the CCTV cameras

  • Availability of female staff

  • Strict Scrutinizing of all the staff & faculties

5. Adept Faculties

Students should be encouraged to speak for themselves in addition to learning books. The faculty must be encouraging & optimistic. At Hilton Highschool, our teachers always encourage students to try something new without worrying about failure. Here, all our students are treated equally without concentrating on individual academic achievement.

And there, you got it! The best CBSE schools in Bangalore north boast of all the features mentioned above.



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